“It’s Like Going Home For Lunch!”

It’s easy to understand why Melton’s Deli is Danville’s award winning lunch spot. The ingredients are prepared fresh every morning and only the finest quality ingredients will do. There are a variety of hand prepared side items and desserts, as well as a full selection of chips. The tea is brewed fresh every day. And if it is your first visit, make sure to ask for your free cookie.

Melton’s Deli opened in 1999 and has been a staple in Danville ever since. In 2009, Melton’s received the pulse award from the Heart of Danville. The Pulse Award is for a business who keeps downtown “alive” by having their finger on the “pulse” of downtown activities. This business excellence award and was given to Melton’s for its years of tremendous service in downtown Danville.

Ronnie and Gina Melton started working downtown with Melton’s Florist. For many years, they operated next to the courthouse selling floral arrangements, gifts and much more. They were an integral part of downtown’s economy. After selling Melton’s Florist, they soon found themselves looking for a site to operate their next adventure, a deli. Some may not know this, but Ronnie and Gina Melton took a chance and bought their East Main location before the post office project was announced. It was a risky decision and we thank them for making it! They were the first new business in many years to relocate on East Main, and since then, they have become a stabilizing force in downtown.